Christmas Letter

To all my brothers and sisters of the Community of the Invisible Monastery,

Since more than two thousand years,
Virgin Mary said:
“I am the servant of God, let Thy will be done”, Luc 1,38.

Since more than two thousand years, Saint Joseph wasn’t afraid to take the Virgin Mary to live with him.

Since more than two thousand years, the shepherds heard a voice telling them: “Don’t be afraid, I am bringing you good news, today your savior is born; He is Jesus Christ!”.

Since more than two thousand years, the Magi went a long way to adore the child of the manger.

Since more than two thousand years, all the nations remember that birth which upset humanity .

With His birth, Jesus took us to His humanity by giving himself totally, and He gathered us by the power of His Holy Spirit into one body, one temple, His. 
"God’s temple is sacred, and this temple is you" (1 Co. 3,17).

All those who believe as such are the live rocks from which the temple of God is built.

You are this non-perishable wood which was used to build God’s ark which cannot be submerged by the deluge.   In fact, God’s actual temple is the people of God, the human beings themselves.  It is there that God is worshipped; it is there that He hears our prayers (St. Augustin).

You are this wood that was used to build the manger where The Word of God, our Emmanuel, will be deposited.

You are this wood which was used to build the cross on which the Son of God was nailed.

In this Christmas 2011, let us be the witnesses of our Emmanuel: God with us, to the humanity that is wounded and lost in everyday life.  No matter where we are, what we are doing, what is our handicap, let us be these live rocks that constitute our community, His Holy Temple.

Let us become a little more, today, the holy temple that is united by the love of the one who made himself a little child: “Jesus”, and with him, let us go to the deep and throw our nets.

Father Jean-Marie CHAMI
Servant of the Community
Beirut, December 8, 2011

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