Our Actions
Main Achievements:

a. Graphic Department:
  • Editing works: information and socio-sanitary awareness books
  • Video clips containing Christian songs, documentaries.
  • Invention of a sign language dictionary for religious services.
  • Different works of graphic designs, binding, layout, etc.
b. Artistic Department:
  • Undertaking of 67 concerts with handicapped people: Lebanon, Canada, Germany, Egypt, United Arab Emirates.
  • Presentation of a dance titled “Light of the World” by deaf people in front of his Holiness Pope Benedictus XVI in Bkerke, Lebanon, on September 14, 2012.2
c. Transportation Department:
  • Two vans fit for the transportation of physically challenged people.
d. Visual Department:
  • Information spot on the importance of having a Lebanese sign language.
  • Leaflet on the study of the Lebanese sign language.
  • Documentary on deafness and the experience of the Lebanese deaf.
  • Leaflet and publicity spot highlighting to deaf people their rights and civic duties at the parliamentary elections of June 2009, in coordination with the municipalities and the Ministry of Social Affairs.
e. Social Aid Department:
  • Hearing kits for children.
  • Financing of cochlear implant operations for deaf children.
  • Execution of the renovation works of the locale of the Chaplaincy of the Deaf.
  • Helped the war refugees in 2006 in partnership with the Greek Catholic Diocese of Beirut.
  • Supply of few dispensaries with medications.
  • Medical, para-medical, scholarly, and nutritional support.
f. Spiritual Department: Pilgrimages Logistics
  • Handicapped Persons’ Jubilee: May 14, 2000 (Lebanon).
  • World Youth Day and visit to Lourdes: WYD 2000 (Italy/France).
  • World Youth Day: WYD 2002 (Canada).
  • World Youth Day: WYD 2005 (Germany).
  • Organization of 67 concerts, with handicapped people: Lebanon, Canada, Germany, Egypt, and United Arab Emirates.
  • Transportation and accompaniment of handicapped persons, together with simultaneous translation in sign language, during gatherings with His Holiness Pope Benedictus XVI in Lebanon: September 14 and 15, 2012.
g. Recycling Department:

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